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The choice of the cycle quarry crusher
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Author Topic: The choice of the cycle quarry crusher  (Read 2925 times)
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« on: June 27, 2015, 02:50:30 AM »

The quarry crusher is a kind of equipment with high crushing capacity, which is mainly used in the large and medium mineral processing plant. And jaw quarry crusher compared to the main advantage is: large quantity, under the same to mine and row ore mouth width, handling capacity is 2.5 to 3.0 times the jaw quarry crusher; less power consumption; the crushing cavity liner wear uniform, uniform product size; cycle more than 900mm specifications quarry crusher can squeeze full to mine, do not need to mine equipment. The main disadvantages are: equipment structure is more complex, equipment weight, requires a strong foundation, the body is high, the need for higher plant.
There are ordinary and light weight of the domestic cycle quarry crusher, light is generally applied to the Broken limestone ore, such as hardness is not high, the density of the ore. In addition, there are two kinds of jaw type quarry crusher and the cyclic quarry crusher which are suitable for the special conditions. A large disintegration of the hoisting of the quarry crusher is applicable to underground mine pit crushing operation; another semi fixed or mobile quarry crusher apply to underground mine pit crushing operation; another semi fixed or mobile quarry crusher apply to open pit mining floor regularly or irregularly moving position of rock or ore crushing operations.
For large and medium-sized concentrator, before determine the jaw quarry crusher or gyratory quarry crusher, generally from total weight of equipment, installation power and infrastructure investment, operating expenses, equipment configuration and process operation advantages and disadvantages of technical and economic comparison, the preferred choice.
At present, the maximum size of the jaw quarry crusher is 1500mm * 2100mm, and the maximum size of the cyclic quarry crusher is 1400mm/220mm. Shenyang heavy machinery plant in the introduction of the United States of America Fuller company, the technology of the cycle, the large size of the 1829mm. Many foreign manufacturers produce jaw type and cycle quarry crusher, the structure parameters, technical performance is not the same, should be based on the manufacturer's data and production data to choose.
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