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?How To Determine The Cone Crusher Eccentricity And Dynamic Cone Strok
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Author Topic: ?How To Determine The Cone Crusher Eccentricity And Dynamic Cone Strok  (Read 700 times)
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« on: June 25, 2015, 11:10:52 AM »

eccentricity magnitude r0 is the center of the sphere to eccentricity and eccentricity plane by the decision.
As shown, the closed side of discharge port b = A1A2, moving cone oscillating stroke S = A2A3, open side discharge mouth b0 = b + S = A1A3. A1A3 equivalent to O as the center and the radius of the arc OA2. OA2 and OA3 according to the angle between the 2r0, the moving cone oscillating stroke is approximately: SL.2r0 / 180.
moving cone stroke swing and eccentricity of the relationship as follows:
in the design, the swing stroke and eccentricity are stochastic differ wobble and eccentricity spring stroke single cylinder engine and is not the same. As a result of multi-cylinder laminated crushing principle, which requires crushing chamber by a sufficient density of the material, we should put a greater process, but also have a higher wobble, so multi-cylinder stroke swing and eccentricity also with spring machine , single-cylinder engine is not the same. Eccentric existing multi-cylinder 2 degrees 23 minutes, and it's put away according to the following compression stroke ratio / b to identify, where S is the moving cone oscillating stroke, b is the smallest closed side discharge opening.
To ensure cone crusher cone swings motorized travel requirements, the need to accurately determine the eccentricity and eccentricity e r0 value. Moving cone oscillating stroke if appropriate, also have a great impact on the normal operation of the crusher. Hereinafter will be described in detail from the eccentric Sand Making Machine cone crusher, cone moving stroke swing method for determining the structure of these two parameters.
known data into the Raymond Mill formula, you can obtain crusher pendulum swing stroke. In addition, according to the empirical formula can also seek eccentricity: e = 0.5D.tanr0.tan, D is the dynamic cone diameter at the bottom.
eccentricity also called eccentric radius, the size of the spherical center O points to the various level is different, the general eccentricity refers to swing away from the moving cone axis of discharge mouth plane, moving cone revolution, the entire swing distance 2e. Moving jaw stroke swing and material properties, nesting size, Cone Crusher crushing cavity type and related different cavity crushers, jaw swinging its moving stroke is different.
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