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?How To Design The Shaker Screen Box?
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June 24, 2018, 06:19:31 AM *
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Author Topic: ?How To Design The Shaker Screen Box?  (Read 652 times)
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« on: May 28, 2015, 06:13:35 AM »

screen frame structure commonly used connections are riveted and welded two kinds. For less intense vibration small screen box, consider welding, riveting best large screen box, or to Mobile Crusher use welding joint connection, that important place riveting, welding secondary place.
beams bear heavyweight sieve and the material it inertial force at work. You can use channel beam, I-beam, seamless, box girder and pressure-beam several. Used in the steel-beamed, as he same moment of inertia in all directions, so the stress state is better, it is particularly suitable for making a circular motion of the screen box.
sieve screen box is bearing member and part of the vibration member, its design is reasonable or not, the effects of vibration sieve screening efficiency and product size, so you Portable Crusher want to be rational design.
side of the screen frame and beam type. Since the sieve box is supported by means of side or hanging on the rack, so the side panels to withstand the weight of the material and the screen box, and pass the exciting force to various parts of the screen frame. Usually a combination plates with 6 ~ 16mm steel plates and angles.
addition, screen bolted to the stiffened panel, in its underlying layer of rubber to prevent vibration easy fixed. In appropriate parts of the screen box angle on both sides were added in order to improve the strength and stiffness of the screen box.
sieve box from the screen frame and fixed on top of it the screen surface composition. It is a combination of side panels, tailgate, made under the crossbar and the crossbar. Side panels are made of steel plates, use beam will link up the two side plates, screen frame integral structure. In order to enhance the stiffness of PORTABLE CRUSHER the side plate, the caulking angle at an appropriate site to reinforce. Lower beam seamless steel pipe or channel, the beam seamless steel pipe.
screen work since the high-frequency vibration, the screen frame not only bear the weight of screening material, but also under a lot of vibration force. Therefore, the results of the screen frame to be strong, not only have sufficient strength, but also have enough overall stiffness, screen frame not due to deformation and damage. For large shaker, this problem is particularly important. The main force member
screen box stiffness refers to its ability to resist deformation. When you work in a sieve, sieve frame by high-frequency vibration generated by inertial forces can occur partial elements dynamic deformation, this deformation is often an important reason crossbar or side break. Therefore, strengthening the rigidity of the screen frame structure, in particular the stiffness of the connecting member is an important issue. Set in the longitudinal direction between the trabecular beams, laying sieve on the beam, beam phase at the side using a larger angle of bend steel are all in place effective measures to improve the overall stiffness of the screen box.
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