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?Ore Processing Mill To Improve The Performance Of Asphalt in Road App
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June 24, 2018, 06:12:47 AM *
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Author Topic: ?Ore Processing Mill To Improve The Performance Of Asphalt in Road App  (Read 650 times)
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« on: May 24, 2015, 11:12:12 AM »

Thus, slag has a very important role in the asphalt concrete, precisely because of the addition of slag, which makes asphalt concrete realization of the value of its performance in highway construction. From the foregoing, asphalt concrete for rock fineness requirements are mostly less than 0.075 mm, about 200 mesh. Raymond mill has produced a variety of specifications, which can be processed slag fineness of 80 mesh -425 mesh between its fineness In this between Raymond mill can be adjusted to provide for the processing of high-quality asphalt concrete slag, to meet their processing required. \u003c/ SPANstyle = 'FONT-SIZE: 10pt'\u003e \u003c/ SPANstyle = 'FONT-SIZE : small Raymond Mill '\u003e \u003c/ SPANstyle =' FONT-FAMILY: Arial '\u003e \u003c/ Pclass = MsoNormalstyle =' MARGIN: 0cm0cm0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 21pt; mso-char-indent-count: 2.0 '\u003e \u003c/ SPANstyle =' FONT -FAMILY: Arial; LETTER-SPACING: 0.4pt '\u003e \u003c/ SPANstyle =' FONT-SIZE: 10pt '\u003e \u003c/ SPANstyle =' FONT-SIZE: small Sand Making Machine '\u003e \u003c/ Pclass = MsoNormalstyle =' MARGIN: 0cm0cm0pt; TEXT- INDENT: 22.6pt; mso-char-indent-count: 2.0 '\u003e \u003c/ SPANstyle =' FONT-SIZE: 10pt '\u003e
\u003cXML:? NAMESPACE PREFIX = SPANstyle = 'FONT-SIZE /\u003e mineral aggregate and asphalt concrete is a certain percentage of road through artificial matching a certain composition graded asphalt material mixing together under strictly controlled conditions . mix asphalt concrete in road construction has a wide range of applications, it is a good material asphalt concrete pavement has good performance characteristics, which it is the role of slag \u003cXML:..? NAMESPACE PREFIX = Pclass = MsoNormalstyle = 'MARGIN /\u003e \u003cXML: NAMESPACE PREFIX = SPANstyle =?' FONT-FAMILY /\u003e asphalt mixture strength is mainly manifested in two aspects One is asphalt cement and slag forming material adhesion;. Another is set in the frictional resistance and knot strength material lock between the particles of slag fine particles (mostly less than 0.075 mm) of large surface area of ??asphalt material to form a film, thereby increasing the bonding strength and temperature stability of bituminous material; and lock knot strength is mainly between the coarse aggregate particle generation. Select both asphalt concrete aggregate gradation Stone Crusher between the two, in order to achieve after adding an appropriate amount of asphalt mixture to form a dense, stable, roughness suitable, durable pavement. There are many ways with the mineral aggregate, it can be calculated to be empirically prescribed gradation range, China's current range of experience using the grading curve. asphalt appropriate amount of asphalt mix should be based on laboratory test results and site utilities situation to determine the general in the relevant specifications are listed there may refer to the amount of asphalt as a guide for the test with the range. When the mineral aggregate varieties, grading range and type of asphalt consistency, mixing facilities, climate and traffic characteristics over a fixed time may also be used to estimate the empirical formula.
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