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?Development Trends Of The Current Economic Situation
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July 21, 2019, 04:34:13 AM *
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Author Topic: ?Development Trends Of The Current Economic Situation  (Read 1399 times)
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« on: May 20, 2015, 06:12:54 AM »

First, accelerate the transformation of economic development, promote the optimization and upgrading of economic structure, the need to achieve incremental adjustment. Only they can bring the skills shortage and structural upgrading of industry holding larger investment strength, in order to drive incremental adjustments to inventory adjustment, advanced productive forces instead of backward productive forces, optimize the industrial structure and regional structure of the target. Encourage the use of advanced technology projects launched, eliminate backward technology, it is to accelerate the transformation of economic development of the objective requirements. In order to reverse the slowdown in economic growth, consumption and exports in the short term can not substantially improve the situation, increasing the effective investment is a realistic option. As long as the investment structure in line with the requirements Mobile Crusher of the transformation of economic development mode, the total amount of the investment at a reasonable range, it will not bring a new round of inflation, and can effectively stimulate short-term and long-term economic development.
second is to achieve economic growth recover, and must overcome the inertia slowed down, which requires a larger than normal pulling power. Recent economic growth in a year and a half since the fall quarter by quarter, from 9.7% in the first quarter of last year fell to 7.6% in the second quarter of this year, and caused a decline in social expectations for economic growth, changes in the residents and businesses of normal consumption and investment behavior, forming a huge inertia. In this case, enhance the power of economic growth to rebound, should include not only pulling power under normal circumstances, should also include the pulling power to overcome the inertia of decline, thus starting the economy should step on the accelerator a little too large, otherwise ineffective. In order to make the national economy growth inflection point as soon as possible and return to the track of steady and rapid growth, the current macro-control should pay attention to the following points.
before our meeting noted that half of the year should steady growth in a more important position, and to make a series of decisions to deploy, it is very necessary and timely. In the first half, China's Mobile Crusher economy under the impact of the world economic downturn, strive to maintain economic growth, structural adjustment and inflation unity obtained a bumper harvest of summer grain, consumer prices fall, economic growth remained at 7.8 percent, achieved steady progressive. Meanwhile, the economy is facing many difficulties and challenges. The most prominent is because export growth is blocked and the first two years to curb inflation and the lagged effects of monetary tightening, the decline in economic growth for six consecutive quarters, corporate profits declined. If the third-quarter rebound in economic growth can not be achieved, it may affect the full-year growth target of 7.5%, the contradiction of employment, corporate debt, also will highlight. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the steady growth issues.
face of the complicated economic situation, the macro-control in order to achieve the desired results as quickly as possible, we need a common understanding on the two Jaw Crusher issues.
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