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 on: June 18, 2015, 07:33:07 AM 
Started by Richarder - Last post by Richarder
Sand plastic sand making machine is V - W series high grade crushing shaping sand making machine, is composed of SBM and the German experts with the China authority the operating conditions of the latest design results, is the present domestic has the world advanced level and have the property a number of independent patent technology of high performance sand making equipment. This sand making machine equipment is specially designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, construction of hydropower dam, concrete mixing station to provide quality sand aggregate, is an advanced equipment of artificial system sand and stone plastic field. Sand plastic sand making machine set broken plastic and single function of shaping in one for use: different materials, different crushing cavity, by changing the feeding mode and core structure can be realized in the foundation and guarantee of crushed stone grain shape standard can greatly improve yield, reduce the operation cost. Realized in does not need to enlarge the investment of equipment before mention, can change the function of one sand making machine with dual-purpose of at any time according to different uses.
Sand plastic sand making machine equipment can be widely used in highway, railway, bridge, tunnel, hydropower station, concrete mixing crushed stone shaping and gravel processing field station, construction and other industries in the. Especially for the strength grade more than C60 concrete and antifreeze, anti permeability or other crushed stone concrete aggregate for highway pavement in plastic and plastic with continuous grain grade macadam. Can be used directly as a broken jaw, cone crusher equipment such as the two broken equipment, more independent orthopedic use. In the fine crushing equipment is the crusher of replacement products. Its main performance indicators greatly superior to counterattack broken.

 on: June 17, 2015, 06:12:22 AM 
Started by aggregatecrushing - Last post by aggregatecrushing
3) to measure the specific surface area with the ball inside the ball matching ball
fed a warehouse of up to 30mm, so it's primary role is broken, so that the load of the ball diameter should be between 50-90mm. Into the second compartment of clinker mill are less than 2-3mm, so its role is finely ground, range balls warehouse should be 15-50mm. Because the fine grinding mainly attrition, with a single-size pellets, inlay puzzle single corrugated liner can achieve maximum efficiency. If you still use a range of positions within the second diameter of the ball, it can be classified liner, so that the larger ball close to the diaphragm plate, the ball is smaller discharge end.
balls to fill the space of load rate is generally 25% -35% lower ball load factor, power consumption Crusher Machine is also reduced , but productivity is low. Therefore, verify the most important prerequisite to the total amount of steel balls is the ball weight and material in the mill and is less than the weight of the ball mill motor power and approaching the permissible value.
a warehouse rationality specific surface area per ton to reach the ball 9.5-10.5m2 ; for closed circuit ball mill with roller press, this value is adjusted to 12-14m2 / t ball, used for the continuous upgrading liner type. In the two positions into the specific surface area of ??the ball should be 35-38m2 / t ball, belt roller press for 38-40m2 / t ball. Ball diameter ratio between the specific variety, still calculated according to the maximum packing density.
4) in line with the principle of ball the ball in each compartment of the main Sand Making Machine functions, combined with the type of liner used. clinker particles
Ball is the material to be broken and then to smash the key equipment, but the key ball mill crushed material is its built-in steel balls of different specifications. Today, as we bring the ball mill matching principle.
1) in accordance with the mill main motor power to determine the allowable amount of balls loaded
5) production unit of the Impact Crusher ball, with the ball in order to verify the reasonableness.
2) determine the maximum diameter of the ball ball
ball mill to accurately grasp the matching principle, in order to better improve frayed efficiency and further improve production efficiency. If you have additional questions about aspects of mining equipment or want to know the relevant information, please call, here will provide you with the most attentive service.

 on: June 17, 2015, 03:18:37 AM 
Started by Richarder - Last post by Richarder
Disc horizontal, vertical roller mill, powder area is a plane, the center of gravity of the roller system to the disc, only the movement in the vertical direction, all the impact and pressure are easy to handle in the vertical direction. Three-roll vertical roller mill roll suspension systems integration and other forms of mass compared with the small, low inertia. The required power is small, the advantage of smooth motion, the inner end of the shaft 3 is rigidly connected to the roll, but the outer end of the shaft is connected to the hydraulic cylinders, respectively, a movement of the roller relative to the other two rollers have little effect, only 2%. Substantially vertical movement of the rollers independently of each other.
Between the roller axis and the disc diameter roller bearing an angle so that only the circumferential direction by force, without axial thrust, vibration, bearing load and conducive to life. Before starting the use of two-way hydraulic cylinder roller can be jacked up, no-load start, no auxiliary transmission device, the material to be fed to a certain thickness of material to touch the hydraulic cylinder when the pressure roller in the other direction, and gradually work into powder, start simple and smooth vertical roller mill. When running with the metallic foreign body, roller will lift automatically, protective equipment. Horizontal disc and the cylindrical center of gravity of the roller vertical roller mill is only vertical movement of the roller set, and the impact of all the dynamic reacting force in the vertical direction only. Compared to other roller grinding vertical roller mill with rolls of small mass, inertia, and dynamic forces and vibration is very small, the vertical roller mill rolls have been patented. Increase the bearing roller inside, it can withstand greater radial load. Grinding roller and disc liner chosen a better wear-resistant materials, no dangerous cracks. Adjustable roller liner to use, so its high utilization. Compared with other roll vertical roller mill, the vertical roller mill roll length liner life. Changes in the larger roller layers of material into the liner wear unevenly and foreign matter have good adaptability. The large size allows the feed, pre-broken to reduce the requirements. Easy to adjust the air inlet, a small footprint, low construction costs.

 on: June 16, 2015, 09:35:12 PM 
Started by hildasancho - Last post by hildasancho
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 on: June 16, 2015, 09:25:19 PM 
Started by hildasancho - Last post by hildasancho
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 on: June 16, 2015, 09:11:50 PM 
Started by hildasancho - Last post by hildasancho
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 on: June 15, 2015, 10:04:29 PM 
Started by Richarder - Last post by Richarder
Shanghai Xi Zhi large single jaw crusher machine in several sand plant applications greatly enhance our visibility, it is understood, the crushing machine with the traditional jaw crushing machine is the biggest difference is that the thick broken machine can be broken fine material, known as crushing machine in the technical field of major reform.
It is reported that traditional crusher machine in the sand and gravel industry always to "silly, big, stupid" image of service in sand production line of the first broken links, jaw broken machine, large output, high production efficiency, low cost. Therefore, it has become gravel crushing equipment in the most basic, the most scientific and technological content of crushed stone machine.
2013, Shanghai West Zhi but in the sand and gravel industry set off a jaw crusher machine and upgrading of wave, the exclusive research and development of large single jaw crusher machine the fine material, high yield, a breaking the top two broken was rated as one of the most innovative crusher machine equipment, and created a "thick broken machine broken fine material" of its kind, has overcome the nine related technical problems, has declared the national and international patent 34.
According to Shanghai Xi Zhi introduction of technical personnel, the single period of jaw crusher machine by adding a set of crank rocker mechanism and the "ladder type structure" design of crushing cavity, the use of the principle of "small angle by force" dynamic "by force" state of the lower jaw to "boosting" effect, greatly improve the crushing ratio, to achieve "interparticle breakage mechanism, the jaw crusher machine directly to the bulk material one-time breaking into the desired size of the finished product, simplifying the production process, reduces the power consumption, the production efficiency is improved.
And the single jaw type crushing machine with innovative design, make the single is one-time of sand and milling, omitting the subsequent crusher machine and sand making machine purchase cost, both to save "investment", but "Festival", which is convenient for maintenance and management, known as the broken machine in the field of major change.

 on: June 15, 2015, 11:09:57 AM 
Started by aggregatecrushing - Last post by aggregatecrushing
planned downtime for each work, usually should be prepared equipment maintenance records, described in detail the effect of operating conditions of each device and repaired. As a careful record of the number of replacement main bearings, grid plate, liner, and so easy to wear pieces, and these are recorded in the history Crusher Machine of the use of Oh equipment. In order to predict the service life of components and plans to arrange replacement parts (spare parts).
mill maintenance revelatory significance, reasonable repair ball mill is to ensure that there is an important condition for a higher Vertical Roller Mill rate of operation and use of a longer period. Trim mill operation and maintenance work should be combined. Frequently. The most successful works because accompanied by the best maintenance program and maintenance records. Develop maintenance plans and maintenance policy is a set of new mineral processing plant is one of the most important work, the right maintenance program of fiscal tightness, the seriousness of the maintenance staff attitudes and maintenance plan or not, it is clearly reflected in the economic on.
(3) overhaul. Cycle is generally about 5 years, in addition to its maintenance items included all items in the repair, there are the replacement of the main bearings and gear, Vertical Roller Mill inspection, repair or replacement of the cylinder and the cover, on the basis of repair, alignment or secondary grouting .
maintenance times and time may be determined according to the operating conditions of each mill, but also depends on the vulnerability of the most easy to wear pieces or liner wear. In addition to routine maintenance of the mill maintenance inspections on a regular basis are minor repairs, repair and overhaul of three.
(1) minor repairs. Generally 1 to 3 months once the project is a major overhaul of its inspection, repair or replace worn parts. Such as mill liners, feeder spoon head, small gears, couplings and pads, feeding tube, discharge tube, the motor bearings. Check all fasteners; pumps and lubrication system for inspection, cleaning and oil changes; temporary accident repair and minor fold wear pork, small change and trap.
(2) of the repair. Generally 6 to 12 months time, its maintenance projects in addition to all the items, including small repair, the need for the various components making major equipment cleaning and adjustments, such as repairing the transmission gear and so on. Also replace a lot of easy to wear parts.

 on: June 15, 2015, 06:10:33 AM 
Started by aggregatecrushing - Last post by aggregatecrushing
on the market most of the mill Raymond mill, the major manufacturers of Raymond, the basic principles are similar, in recent years, both in order to meet user demand for high-yield thin size, and Technology in mine Mongolia mill basis on improvements, the successful launch of YGM high pressure medium speed mill, high pressure spring set in the milling apparatus, the pressure between grinding roller and grinding ring envoy increase of 1.2 times. When Crusher Machine the grinding roller and grinding ring reaches a certain wear and tear, high pressure by adjusting the length of the spring, so that roller between the rings remains constant grinding pressure to ensure the quality and stability. While the milling device, all parts through technical improvements, the contact area grinding roller and grinding ring reaches the maximum, to avoid a general milling machine, small particles of material in the gap can not be continuously uneven ground phenomenon. According to the calculation of the gas flow in the Bernoulli equation and simulation results, changing the geometry of the fineness of the classifier in the blade, re-adjust the tilt and shift side opposite the gap, so that the fine powder into the classification can be effective and accurate sorting come out.
Raymond mill is the entire production line to make the material into Crusher Machine a finished part, it is leading. Material crushed to the desired particle size, the material sent by the hoisting machine hopper, and then the feeder will feed into a uniform continuous Raymond powder machine host grinding room, the centrifugal force due to the rotation, the roller to outside swing, pressed on the grinding ring, shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, due to the rolling mill rolls to achieve the purpose of crushing.
addition fineness, one of most important indicators of the entire milling process customer production, because the fineness of the mill to achieve demand model, there are many, the key is the size of its production can meet the production needs of its relations to equipment type, quantity and size of the investment scale. The milling machine is milling technology in the core equipment, the effect of which is directly related to the grinding flour yield, yield, quality and other indicators. In addition, power mill is the main factor affecting the power consumption of materials, for these situations, we can study in detail how to configure the mill, can Sand Making Machine milling process is more optimized.

 on: June 15, 2015, 02:36:09 AM 
Started by davidsons - Last post by davidsons
Hade a canon d40 and am learning but want to capture someone elses knowledge - What are good positions for capuring good soccer shots - how to avoid the glare from hockey ice, is there a trick to getting animals to turn around

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