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1  General Category / Beta testing / ?Crusher Highlights The Advantages in The Field Of Iron Ore Crushing on: June 27, 2015, 11:10:31 AM
iron ore crushing machine should continue to develop and improve their technological level and performance advantages, not only rational utilization of iron ore, Perfection, other mineral resources, the country also has a corresponding use of role. Crusher equipment manufacturers continue to improve and perfect, step by step to improve its Grinding Mill current has reached a certain level of technology. In the critical period of development of the country's steel industry, the development of iron ore crushing machine to be forever the front, for the use of boost iron ore for the steel industry to pave the way.
With the rapid economic development, iron ore is an important raw material in the steel industry is also developing rapidly, so that a substantial increase in our demand for iron ore. However, China's iron ore generally low grade domestic iron ore beneficiation enterprises need to process a large quantity of iron ore, iron finally selected economic value. Due to the low overall level of development of mining equipment, can not make full use of iron ore, eventually produce most of the tailings in the production process, resulting in a huge waste of natural resources and energy and loss, but also on the ecological environment has caused tremendous destruction. Therefore, the iron ore is further ground possible to achieve a small particle size which effectively utilized. By known processes, crushing machine has a very important role, so the development of iron ore crushing machine technical performance is imperative, the only way to ensure the rapid development of demand for iron ore, iron ore utilization to achieve full Sand Making Machine of, but also makes use of other mineral resources to achieve resource saving, environmental protection and so on.
used in our iron ore crushing machine include: hammer crusher, roll crusher, cone crusher, and the recent development of super fine crusher crusher equipment Henan is a professional manufacturer. Crusher working principle of each Sand Making Machine different, each with their own characteristics. According to different works can be divided into a hammer, laminated, impact categories. This variety of ore crushing machine have their own technical advantages and performance characteristics, the use of iron ore more fully.
2  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?Crushers Provide High Quality Raw Materials For The Development Of Cl on: June 26, 2015, 11:11:31 AM
It is understood that clay tiles are not just for production, but also for its wide range, wide distribution, according to the nature and purpose can be divided into ceramic clay, fire clay, clay and cement brick clay, is widely used in industry, culture, medicine, paper and other fields, such as artists use clay model making. Adding the right amount of clay in the papermaking process can particularly smooth surface of the paper and ink absorption, Quarry Crusher etc., so, clay developed into one of the most profitable industries.
now widely clay for its application are used in various Quarry Crusher fields, experts advise, be sure to choose high-quality equipment to provide raw materials for the ceramics production, thus promoting China's building materials industry into new areas of fashion.
According to engineer its production of double roll crusher wear special high-speed rotation Roll splitting crushing of materials, with native devices are small, large crushing ratio (5-8), low noise; high productivity than it is now roll crusher with high productivity 1-2 times), material to be broken uniform size, over crushed low rate. And with the limit between the motor and reducer of the machine from the hydraulic coupler Raymond Mill connection to prevent power overload, overload sensors, safe and reliable. Roll spacing hydraulic adjustment, toothed roller bearings central lubrication. Toothed optimized design, pull shear choose broken, efficiency and low consumption, a uniform grain, is widely used in clay, coal, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials and other industries.
With constant pursuit of quality of the decoration, ceramics because of their appearance, non-flammable building materials become essential improvement products, which also makes the main raw material of ceramic clay in recent years, mining and sales high.
broken clay mining auxiliary equipment required, but due to sticky clay, and high water content, many manufacturers of crusher although very professional, but at the time it is easy to produce a viscous material crushing adhesion, clogging, and our crusher leading enterprises in Zhengzhou Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. of double roll crusher made new breakthroughs in the crushing process of the clay.
3  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / Singapore customers have signed cooperation projects Crusher on: June 26, 2015, 12:50:50 AM
our company has recently set up a joint production line with a number of countries, and I hope the majority of customers come to miss our special co-signed Raymond Mill, we will continue to welcome your arrival!

company has improved production technology and scientific quality inspection methods, strict governance rail system, efficient staff incentives. Has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and achieved CE certification, product won the 'Henan-free products'. The main products gravel equipment, ball mill, processing equipment, rotary kiln, dryers and other times won the 'Henan famous brand.' The company is 'China Association of gravel units', 'Henan-free products', 'science and technology enterprises in Henan Province', 'China Heavy Machinery Association unit,' 'Zhengzhou City Credit Model', 'Zhengzhou City Construction Association member credit unit ',' Zhengzhou City, a famous product key units, 'and so on.

first foreign visit staff visited our offices, the overall design of our building plus praise, and then visited the part of our foreign trade, to position our services and exchange of experiences are very appreciated, and finally our company Singapore leaders accompanied the delegation visited our production plant, to see our new crusher after they have been amazed our production process, to sign the contract right away and we were, and to ensure that our cooperation with them will be long-term sustainability They need a partner like us, our company to win credibility in the world, customer-oriented principle, welcome the majority of domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term cooperation with our company!

strong and lively celebration of our Singaporean Chinese crusher cooperation projects signed, the company recently received the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Trade customers visit, they know our company through the network recently newly developed new crusher has been selling well, specially from abroad to catch up site visits!

I produced the ball mill, spiral classifier, impact break, impact break, compound crusher products in strict accordance with the IS09001 international quality certification body production, the products are sold! Welcome to plant inspection.
4  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?How To Determine The Cone Crusher Eccentricity And Dynamic Cone Strok on: June 25, 2015, 11:10:52 AM
eccentricity magnitude r0 is the center of the sphere to eccentricity and eccentricity plane by the decision.
As shown, the closed side of discharge port b = A1A2, moving cone oscillating stroke S = A2A3, open side discharge mouth b0 = b + S = A1A3. A1A3 equivalent to O as the center and the radius of the arc OA2. OA2 and OA3 according to the angle between the 2r0, the moving cone oscillating stroke is approximately: SL.2r0 / 180.
moving cone stroke swing and eccentricity of the relationship as follows:
in the design, the swing stroke and eccentricity are stochastic differ wobble and eccentricity spring stroke single cylinder engine and is not the same. As a result of multi-cylinder laminated crushing principle, which requires crushing chamber by a sufficient density of the material, we should put a greater process, but also have a higher wobble, so multi-cylinder stroke swing and eccentricity also with spring machine , single-cylinder engine is not the same. Eccentric existing multi-cylinder 2 degrees 23 minutes, and it's put away according to the following compression stroke ratio / b to identify, where S is the moving cone oscillating stroke, b is the smallest closed side discharge opening.
To ensure cone crusher cone swings motorized travel requirements, the need to accurately determine the eccentricity and eccentricity e r0 value. Moving cone oscillating stroke if appropriate, also have a great impact on the normal operation of the crusher. Hereinafter will be described in detail from the eccentric Sand Making Machine cone crusher, cone moving stroke swing method for determining the structure of these two parameters.
known data into the Raymond Mill formula, you can obtain crusher pendulum swing stroke. In addition, according to the empirical formula can also seek eccentricity: e = 0.5D.tanr0.tan, D is the dynamic cone diameter at the bottom.
eccentricity also called eccentric radius, the size of the spherical center O points to the various level is different, the general eccentricity refers to swing away from the moving cone axis of discharge mouth plane, moving cone revolution, the entire swing distance 2e. Moving jaw stroke swing and material properties, nesting size, Cone Crusher crushing cavity type and related different cavity crushers, jaw swinging its moving stroke is different.
5  General Category / iShutdown general / ?Selection Of The Coal Preparation System Pulverizers on: June 24, 2015, 11:10:21 AM
6, suitable for a wide range of coal, less abrasive anthracite, sub-bituminous coal, bituminous coal, lignite and other low moisture can be polished.
4, the overall operational capability and fineness stability, wear parts wear late production fell only 5%, Sand Making Machine fineness unchanged.
3, covers an area of ??ball coal mill about 60%, can open layout, saving construction investment.
2, wear-resistant parts plant life, generally up 7000-12000h more.
8, for bulk materials biting good.
roller mill is to focus broken, grinding, drying and Sand Making Machine separator in one simple process, strong adaptability of coal particle size; strong drying capacity, moisture can dry grinding more than 20% of coal ; high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, for medium grindability of coal, roller mill mainframe installed power is very low. The disadvantage is that higher investment in equipment.
5, for coal of impurities have good adaptability.
1, single-site good low wind swept coal mill system lower than 40-50%.
7, the applied force with a unique structure, smooth operation, small vibration, low noise.
cement production process, the grasp of the coal preparation system is Raymond Mill the key. General coal preparation system equipment wind swept ball mill and roller mill are two, in particular to choose which production mill, will be specifically described herein. Advantages
can be seen from the above two tables, using a roller mill obvious advantages:
the coal preparation system in comparison programs and roller mill Ball Mill and the specific power consumption compared in Table.
Overall, cement production line for mill selection of pulverized coal preparation system or choose a good roll mill effect, can achieve good economic returns. Mill Our company specializing in the production of different types, quality assurance, reasonable price, welcome to buy.
Ball Mill is simple, stable, reliable and strong production of raw coal adaptability. In the cement industry it has been widely used. The disadvantage is the high unit power consumption, power consumption in the general system 27-29kw / t coal; noise greater than 100dB; large area. The mill is generally hard coal quality, containing impurities and other more, and when you need to use very fine grinding. Usually in large-scale cement production line has been rarely used. Advantages
6  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?Will Be 'Shaping' The Sand on: June 22, 2015, 11:10:47 AM
So, HX13 impact Sand has one fell swoop dual effect. In the artificial sand industry, HX13 series of highly efficient vertical shaft impact crusher can produce the ideal product sand and concrete aggregate; shaping the stone field, HX13 series of highly efficient vertical shaft impact crusher can substandard materials for plastic, it meet the requirements, so as to save costs.
the past two years, with the issue of the 'Twelfth Five-Year Crusher Machine Plan', the state began vigorously construction, such as the construction of the western region of Xinjiang, the construction of affordable housing, stone weapons high-speed rail construction engineering equipment industry so as to bring a new machine. We know that, regardless of the basis of high-speed rail construction or housing construction, sand and gravel aggregate is essential, but because of the special requirements of these buildings also have strict requirements of aggregate. We know that after jaw crusher and impact crusher broken material sometimes flaky, needle, which greatly reduces the compressive strength of the building, and therefore a need for a form of magic device these do not meet the requirements of sand to shaping up, then what kind of device has a 'plastic' function do?
Zhengzhou production and development of HX13 Impact Sand is my company developed according to domestic and foreign advanced technology developed specifically for the highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide a high-quality sand and gravel aggregate sand making equipment. HX13 series crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of hard, brittle materials, such as iron ore, copper ore, gold and silver ore, manganese ore, cement, artificial sand, fluorspar, limestone, slag, and other special hardware, in hard and corrosive material crushing and crushing operations, is an energy efficient crushing, coarse grinding equipment, sand while it will be based on the Impact Crusher needs of production of undesirable material for shaping, so that customers get high-quality, good grain shape gravel products.
HX13 Impact Sand entrusted with the task of aggregate crushing plastic, is an internationally advanced level of low energy equipment, artificial sand and stone shaping device of choice in the field, Cone Crusher and its performance in a variety of Ore thin broken equipment plays an irreplaceable role.
7  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?Mill The Latest Status on: June 19, 2015, 11:11:06 AM
Cone Crusher mill:
imperfect as the market economy, the type of domestic ball more. Arbitrary use of balls is not determined in accordance with the process efficiency is very high. The main varieties are high-alloy chromium cast iron. The class of high-alloy cast iron with excellent wear resistance, the higher the alloy, the better the abrasion resistance, also has good economic benefits. Someone had misunderstood, high chrome ball cement mill use is good, but not suited to the power plant, in fact, we have a large number of domestic and foreign thermal power plants use a good record high chrome ball, for example: Wuxi, Zou County, Yueyang, Xingtai, Hengyang, Horsehead and other power plants using high-chrome ball, and no longer wish to use other balls. Dryer high chromium cast iron ball in the rapidly growing popularity of the plant. Power plants, cement plants and other dry grinding processes of wear tons of high chrome ball only 15 to 50 grams, the use of high chrome ball is not just cost savings, reduce labor, reduce grinding mill consumption, but also reduces the waste of limited human resources. Should not polite to say: high chrome ball can be called environmentally ball, green ball.
want to learn more about the mill's latest news, please pay attention to the election shall devices dedicated website:
thermal power plants, cement industry and other widely used in the production of dry ball mill, widely used at home and abroad for the high carbon and high alloy and high-carbon low-ball type casting alloys forging or casting Vertical Roller Mill mill ball. The vast majority of the use of high and low chrome cast iron ball. The wet process mining class multi-application high-carbon low-alloy class ball.
manufacture low interest rates, forging and rolling ball ball varieties of high-carbon-chromium-molybdenum alloys and in low-carbon manganese alloys. Forging and rolling ball ball process is simple. Consider the Sand Making Machine economic benefits mining class wet process now generally use low-chromium alloy ball, the wear in iron ore, copper, molybdenum ore typically about 500 to 700 grams. Low-chromium alloy to improve the hardness of the ball is the most effective way to reduce wear. Once low chrome ball hardness increased to about HRC55, the wear on copper is about 550 grams. Separator due to the production process, the quality of forging ball should be slightly better than some of the rolling ball.
8  General Category / iShutdown general / ?Milling Equipment Only Innovation in Order To Grasp The Pulse Of Indu on: June 19, 2015, 06:10:34 AM
Henan Company Limited has been committed to the development and production of milling machines, always seize the pulse of the development of the industry, has introduced a new type of milling equipment. Production of new high pressure mill, formally meet in a variety of environmental protection, recycling project needs.
space development and utilization of fly ash as more and more spacious, the corresponding mill technology requirements are getting higher and higher, the Sand Making Machine market of traditional Raymond mill, ball mill can not meet the industrial production of processing capacity and the need for fineness, the new vertical mill, high pressure hanging roller mill and high pressure Powder Mill with its latest technological achievements and facilitate efficient use of performance will become the mainstream equipment milling machines.
With the domestic enterprises for the environmental requirements of increasingly high, normal traditional mode of production can Crusher Machine not meet the requirements of major companies, the new mode of production is bound to become public companies development goals. With industrial development, the new mill equipment to improve the level of comprehensive utilization of fly ash, the field of processing and utilization of fly ash was greatly expanded, and large vertical milling machine is bound to become the first choice for the future of fly ash processing industry. Coal combustion flue gas collected down fine ash called fly ash, fly ash discharged from coal-fired power plants mainly solid waste.
China is coal and coal consuming countries, thereby mill, coal, flour mill began to dominate the market, with ash after the mill after finishing as cement materials, greatly promote concrete. According to the current technological developments mill, a large ultra-fine milling machine has been Cone Crusher able to achieve a one-time ultrafine materials processing, fly ash fines processed by the mill, uniform particle size, surface activity increased, direct doping Add in concrete can save a lot of cement raw materials, improve the workability of the concrete mixture, enhanced plasticity and stability of concrete. Even the cement producers in accordance with the ratio of 8%, will be incorporated into the different varieties of fly ash cement clinker into finished cement. Ash has been widely used in concrete admixtures, hollow brick, ceramic and construction backfill.
9  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?Explain The Matching Principle Ball Mill on: June 17, 2015, 06:12:22 AM
3) to measure the specific surface area with the ball inside the ball matching ball
fed a warehouse of up to 30mm, so it's primary role is broken, so that the load of the ball diameter should be between 50-90mm. Into the second compartment of clinker mill are less than 2-3mm, so its role is finely ground, range balls warehouse should be 15-50mm. Because the fine grinding mainly attrition, with a single-size pellets, inlay puzzle single corrugated liner can achieve maximum efficiency. If you still use a range of positions within the second diameter of the ball, it can be classified liner, so that the larger ball close to the diaphragm plate, the ball is smaller discharge end.
balls to fill the space of load rate is generally 25% -35% lower ball load factor, power consumption Crusher Machine is also reduced , but productivity is low. Therefore, verify the most important prerequisite to the total amount of steel balls is the ball weight and material in the mill and is less than the weight of the ball mill motor power and approaching the permissible value.
a warehouse rationality specific surface area per ton to reach the ball 9.5-10.5m2 ; for closed circuit ball mill with roller press, this value is adjusted to 12-14m2 / t ball, used for the continuous upgrading liner type. In the two positions into the specific surface area of ??the ball should be 35-38m2 / t ball, belt roller press for 38-40m2 / t ball. Ball diameter ratio between the specific variety, still calculated according to the maximum packing density.
4) in line with the principle of ball the ball in each compartment of the main Sand Making Machine functions, combined with the type of liner used. clinker particles
Ball is the material to be broken and then to smash the key equipment, but the key ball mill crushed material is its built-in steel balls of different specifications. Today, as we bring the ball mill matching principle.
1) in accordance with the mill main motor power to determine the allowable amount of balls loaded
5) production unit of the Impact Crusher ball, with the ball in order to verify the reasonableness.
2) determine the maximum diameter of the ball ball
ball mill to accurately grasp the matching principle, in order to better improve frayed efficiency and further improve production efficiency. If you have additional questions about aspects of mining equipment or want to know the relevant information, please call, here will provide you with the most attentive service.
10  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?Maintenance Enlighten The Ball on: June 15, 2015, 11:09:57 AM
planned downtime for each work, usually should be prepared equipment maintenance records, described in detail the effect of operating conditions of each device and repaired. As a careful record of the number of replacement main bearings, grid plate, liner, and so easy to wear pieces, and these are recorded in the history Crusher Machine of the use of Oh equipment. In order to predict the service life of components and plans to arrange replacement parts (spare parts).
mill maintenance revelatory significance, reasonable repair ball mill is to ensure that there is an important condition for a higher Vertical Roller Mill rate of operation and use of a longer period. Trim mill operation and maintenance work should be combined. Frequently. The most successful works because accompanied by the best maintenance program and maintenance records. Develop maintenance plans and maintenance policy is a set of new mineral processing plant is one of the most important work, the right maintenance program of fiscal tightness, the seriousness of the maintenance staff attitudes and maintenance plan or not, it is clearly reflected in the economic on.
(3) overhaul. Cycle is generally about 5 years, in addition to its maintenance items included all items in the repair, there are the replacement of the main bearings and gear, Vertical Roller Mill inspection, repair or replacement of the cylinder and the cover, on the basis of repair, alignment or secondary grouting .
maintenance times and time may be determined according to the operating conditions of each mill, but also depends on the vulnerability of the most easy to wear pieces or liner wear. In addition to routine maintenance of the mill maintenance inspections on a regular basis are minor repairs, repair and overhaul of three.
(1) minor repairs. Generally 1 to 3 months once the project is a major overhaul of its inspection, repair or replace worn parts. Such as mill liners, feeder spoon head, small gears, couplings and pads, feeding tube, discharge tube, the motor bearings. Check all fasteners; pumps and lubrication system for inspection, cleaning and oil changes; temporary accident repair and minor fold wear pork, small change and trap.
(2) of the repair. Generally 6 to 12 months time, its maintenance projects in addition to all the items, including small repair, the need for the various components making major equipment cleaning and adjustments, such as repairing the transmission gear and so on. Also replace a lot of easy to wear parts.
11  General Category / Beta testing / ?Raymond Mill Milling Process And The Power Level on: June 15, 2015, 06:10:33 AM
on the market most of the mill Raymond mill, the major manufacturers of Raymond, the basic principles are similar, in recent years, both in order to meet user demand for high-yield thin size, and Technology in mine Mongolia mill basis on improvements, the successful launch of YGM high pressure medium speed mill, high pressure spring set in the milling apparatus, the pressure between grinding roller and grinding ring envoy increase of 1.2 times. When Crusher Machine the grinding roller and grinding ring reaches a certain wear and tear, high pressure by adjusting the length of the spring, so that roller between the rings remains constant grinding pressure to ensure the quality and stability. While the milling device, all parts through technical improvements, the contact area grinding roller and grinding ring reaches the maximum, to avoid a general milling machine, small particles of material in the gap can not be continuously uneven ground phenomenon. According to the calculation of the gas flow in the Bernoulli equation and simulation results, changing the geometry of the fineness of the classifier in the blade, re-adjust the tilt and shift side opposite the gap, so that the fine powder into the classification can be effective and accurate sorting come out.
Raymond mill is the entire production line to make the material into Crusher Machine a finished part, it is leading. Material crushed to the desired particle size, the material sent by the hoisting machine hopper, and then the feeder will feed into a uniform continuous Raymond powder machine host grinding room, the centrifugal force due to the rotation, the roller to outside swing, pressed on the grinding ring, shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, due to the rolling mill rolls to achieve the purpose of crushing.
addition fineness, one of most important indicators of the entire milling process customer production, because the fineness of the mill to achieve demand model, there are many, the key is the size of its production can meet the production needs of its relations to equipment type, quantity and size of the investment scale. The milling machine is milling technology in the core equipment, the effect of which is directly related to the grinding flour yield, yield, quality and other indicators. In addition, power mill is the main factor affecting the power consumption of materials, for these situations, we can study in detail how to configure the mill, can Sand Making Machine milling process is more optimized.
12  General Category / iShutdown general / ?Roll Crusher Of 5 Features on: June 13, 2015, 06:10:31 AM
Henan roll crusher mainly has the following Vertical Roller Mill characteristics: low noise, small body, light weight, simple layout flexibility, easy to install, strong crushing capacity.
roll crusher, grinding process and can combine multiple systems, so simple and flexible layout. In addition to stationary use, but it can also be made mobile roller press systems to fully play its role. Since the roller press
5, rolling and crushing force
1, noise reduction
certain roll is one of the necessary conditions for the pulverized material layer. Roll is too small to give full play to the advantages of the material layer crushing, impact grinding efficiency, even layer of crushed material damage mechanism, it does not form a layer of crushed material conditions, so the traditional double roll crusher is no different. But it can not roll too much, because it will Impact Crusher tasteless waste of energy, increased wear of the roll surface, increased load bearing and shorten its life, affecting the normal operation of a roll crusher. Test and production data suggest that the cement industry with a roll press, as a cement raw material for limestone, economical roll control between 60 to 100Mpa. The average operating roll desirable 80MPa. From the current roll crusher factory application, the average pressure between the rolls must above 110MPa. Different materials, different compressive strength, the best roll is different.
tube mill noise up to 130dB or more, while the noise roll crusher is about 80dB, below the noise standard national health standards.
roll particle size distribution of the products affected. To get some powder content of the finished product, it must consume a certain energy. The number depends on the energy input of the size of the roll, i.e., roll large energy consumption, which for the purposes of the roller press is very important. For certain materials, when the feed particles is given, if you want to get a higher amount of fines, it is necessary to increase the roll, which increases unit power consumption.
4, easy to install
body building area and therefore significantly reduced.
since the body roll crusher is small, light weight, and even the whole installation, the installation cost is very low.
2, small size, Sand Making Machine light weight
3, simple and flexible arrangement of small body
grinding system using a roll crusher, since the shape of the same capacity as the device is small compared to the tube mill, so the area greatly reduced, plant size can be reduced by 25 to 30 % smaller footprint, thus saving investment.
13  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?How To Use The Sand Making Equipment And Efficient Production Of Arti on: June 12, 2015, 11:12:03 AM
despite our sand technology and equipment research and development projects started late, slow development, a number of large-scale water conservancy construction in the use of artificial sand, the key is a lot of sand is imported. Domestic sand equipment development there is a certain gap with foreign advanced level. But we believe that through the efforts of a period of time, to be able to catch up or exceed the foreign similar equipment. Now some sand from the domestic situation of view of the device is still good, worthy of appropriate use.
sand materials, gravel mining industry demands and broken mill industry requirements vary. The company currently produces most of the equipment Sand mining machinery manufacturing industry to Vertical Roller Mill play, it must first make a request to the gravel understanding.
as to boost domestic demand, local roads, railways and other infrastructure investment is increasing, urgent need a lot of sand. In order to protect the ecological balance, the state expressly prohibit unauthorized excavation of natural sand (except clean up the river). Natural sand keep up with demand for greatly. Therefore, the development of sand will be very eager to come up on the agenda. In view of the sand after the rock blasting, mechanically sand or gravel river sand through sand and sieved mechanically formed, its strength and other properties are more favorable natural sand.
sand in terms of physical properties or chemical properties are better than natural sand. We must take a strategic height, and establish and implement the scientific concept of development, and enhance human Crusher Machine environmental responsibility, develop, and actively promote the mechanism sand equipment.
mechanism as defined in the sand: The addition to soil treatment, mechanical sand particle size sieve made less than 4.75mm of rock particles. But it does not include soft rock, weathered rock particles.
mining equipment requirements for particulate material is fine sand. In general, for flakiness material into the mill, but Vertical Roller Mill more susceptible to ground. The gravel contrary to the above requirements, its grain type, grain size requirements are very stringent. The reason is that because of its sand between the cube with edges, so that the particles have a mutual locking effect. The graded sand and make the gap greatly reduced. Meanwhile cubic round sand sand than occupy a larger surface area, asphalt and cement materials or materials from sticking together and reduce the likelihood of displacement.
14  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?Mill Promote Desulfurization Desulfurization Plant Development Proces on: June 11, 2015, 11:11:16 AM
currently the main way of thermal power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide are coal washing, clean coal combustion technology, burning low-sulfur coal Vertical Roller Mill and flue gas desulfurization.
currently only coal washing to remove inorganic sulfur coal sector, the coal organic sulfur removal is no economically viable technology. Areas of high-sulfur coal, the coal organic sulfur components are high, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of effective control of sulfur dioxide emissions from coal washing methods. Clean coal combustion technology in the world in the past 10 years to develop a new technology, now a mature industrial countries Although trade technology, but stand-alone capacity is not large; and clean coal combustion technology investment, high technical requirements, it is difficult a short time in the country in large scale use. Secondly, coal combustion and conventional boiler combustion in very different ways without replacing the boiler, clean coal power generation technology is difficult to solve environmental topic active plant. The flue gas desulfurization technology is more mature. So the next match in a long time, China's national conditions and technical prerequisites have decided hubs and effective means of controlling SO2 emissions from flue gas desulfurization.
desulfurization mill is a mechanical R \u0026 D center with China's national conditions and market needs, the introduction of a new patent product of the large mill, the 'King of the mill' in the world, the best large-scale desulfurization desulfurization old magic choice, small and medium sized mill replacement. Together for all major thermal power plant desulfurization and steel desulfurization. Desulfurization mill through the European Union CE certification, you can directly access to the EU market. The desulfurization mill trapezoidal means delaying material landing speed, increasing the grinding time, yield substantial progress, TGM series desulfurization Raymond Impact Crusher mill models TGM100, TGM130, TGM160, TGM190.
large milling machine is connected using the new damping, reduce noise, avoid resonance and prolong life. Raymond desulfurization using the new supercharger, Crusher Machine equipment operation more chaos, and efficient; making more scientific analysis machine, adjust the fineness convenient and quick. Trapezium mill using energy efficient fan technology, while producing more than 40 tons. Milling machine with automatic continuous discharge, fully meet the environmental requirements, to meet the different needs of customers.
15  General Category / iShutdown troubles and solutions / ?Cause Blocking High Pressure Roller Mill And Silo Engineering Methods on: June 11, 2015, 06:11:59 AM
according to site conditions, proposed two rehabilitation programs:
2) Scenario 2: mechanical vibration mode active feeding and paste Teflon lining the inner wall of the silo. In the vibration motor, the angle of the plot is not easy to mine, avoiding the formation of material arch, improving feed conditions, increased storage silo space, so really play the role of a buffer storage silos; the same reliable and durable vibration motor low maintenance, high production efficiency, ease of automation management.
material Impact Crusher inside the silo is easy to form the natural balance of the material arch, especially those with fine particulate materials and poorly flowing powder materials goo, as moisture, temperature and other factors effect, so that the material bond tightly and remain stationary; materials due to the different particle size or density, so that the composition of materials separation, segregation, and form a material arch.
1) Option 1: the silo-shaped side table instead round-shaped hopper, and the inside of the silo and paste polytetrafluoroethylene vinyl fluoride backing. The program structure is not formed in the angle plot ore bin inner liner of polytetrafluoroethylene paste can reduce the friction coefficient, thereby improving the feed situation, increase the storage capacity of the silos, but still rely on gravity to material.
engineered high-pressure roller mill, improve the working conditions of feeding system, improve the grinding efficiency of the mill.
high pressure roller mill to feed traffic has strict requirements, feeding the amount of traffic, it will cause the device to stop overloading, electrical components or even burn out the motor; the feed flow is too small, the material is not sufficiently stacked roll crush zone and thus can not form a high pressure chamber, so that the material can not be effectively squeezed. Therefore, the need to strictly control the high-pressure roller mill feeding amount. Roller mill in the grinding process, the silos blocking mine is a common fault, the cause of the failure, and the corresponding transformation methods, see analysis below.
ore silo blocking reason
fine Vertical Roller Mill grade mineral First adhered to the angle formed at the mine area, the gradual accumulation arch; material attached to the barn wall, becoming increasingly thickening of the wall material, thereby reducing the effective volume of the silo, reduced export area. Silo filled with minerals, only one had mine 'rat hole' channel. Silo block transformation method
Cone Crusher mine
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